Sound game x rated game competition action GOD OF ROCK announced! [Gamescom2022]

Japan time 2022, 2022, a new information open event Future Games Show hosted by GamesRader+, which was held in Gamescom 2022. MODUS Games has announced the production of PC (Steam)/PS4/PS5/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch Sound Game x-rated Game Action GOD OF ROCK .

This work is a match action in which the mysterious existence GOD OF ROCK is a combination of music games and fighting games that are wake up the souls of the strongest musicians in the universe and bet on each other by betting on the top of music on the global stage.

EX technique that selects one of 12 unique warriors with different designs, abilities, and skills, accumulates meters while attacking music while hitting the music, and consuming meters. Fight using special skills. EX techniques seem to have special effects such as increasing the difficulty of enemy music scores. Finally, the goal is to stab a deadly special attack. As the battle progresses, the score becomes complicated and difficult until one warrior wins.

In addition, Stephanie Yose-ten, who is known for playing the role of Quiet in MGS5, is also in charge of the voice of the main character.

GOD OF ROCK will be released this winter for PC (Steam)/PS4/PS5/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch.

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