Gunship Battle: Total Warfare X Ji.I.Jo Collaboration

Joy City (CEO Sung-Won Cho) announced on the 24th that it will hold a collaboration with the famous American toy series ‘G.I. Joe’ in its mobile war simulation game ‘Gunship Battle: Total Warfare’.

‘G.I.Jo’ is a military toy series produced by the American toy manufacturer ‘HASBRO’. Since its launch in 1964, it has become an explosive popularity and has developed into various media such as animation and films, becoming a world-class IP.

The collaboration will be held on the 31st. Various characters, including Billans from Cobra, are planned to be presented through this collaboration.

In line with this, the ‘G.I.Jo’ heroes and Billans of Cobra are going to combine with the Gunship Battle: Total Warfare worldview, and a different event story will be unfolded. Cobra Commander, who dreams of conquering the world, moves to the level of ‘Gunship Battle: Total Warfare’ with ‘Destro’, ‘Barronnis’ and ‘Storm Shadow’, and then joined forces with the enlargement. It will break down. Those who have gained the trust of the Admiral shares her greetings with her officer Olivia, where ‘Bear Nice’ attracts her Olivia to her side through her mind control device, and a big crisis comes to the Allied forces.

Joy City Gye Dong-kyun PD said, It is a great honor to collaborate with ‘G.I.Jo’, which is very popular all over the world. Gunship Battle: I expect to join the worldview and to provide users a different fun.

Meanwhile, the collaboration will be held until September 28th, starting from August 31st, starting August 31st. More information about ‘Gunship Battle: Total Warfare X Ji. I.Jo’ collaboration can be found in the official community.

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