Game of Thrones fans go crazy with the House of the Dragon scene

The long-awaited House of the Dragon , series that meets as a prequel to everything previously seen in Game of Thrones , one of the most successful programs in the world has been released officially. And it seems that things began quite strong, with a certain sex scene in which we see Matt Smith and that fans did not let over.

Spoilers ahead!

Specifically, in its role as Daemon Targaryen , it is found to the prince having sex with Mysaria of Sonoya Mizuno, and the Internet quickly filled with reactions to vulnerable revelation. It is worth mentioning that the actor had mentioned previously that many scenes of this type touched him, something that baffled them.

Here fans comments:

He was a little worried that House of the Dragon was too serious, but a boy is cut off his balls and there is an uncomfortable dog-style sex scene, Game of Thrones is back, baby!

He only took 25 minutes to have a sex scene in House of the Dragon Lmao.


House of the Dragon Spoilers






I just saw Matt Smith’s penis.

Matt Smith really made that sex scene that way

so powerful of him.

Remember that House of the Dragon is now available in HBO Max.

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