The Dragon House: When is the history and chronology of the Dragon Dance

For 300 years, the Targaryen dynDragonty ruled west. Therefore, it is used Dragon a meDragonure The year in which Aegon the conqueror took the crown of the seven kingdoms , founded landing of the king and ordered the construction of the iron throne using the swords of his fallen enemies. The Dragon House, the new HBO Max series, focuses on the time of reign of the Targaryen, but when exactly?

The dragon’s house is bDragoned on fire and blood, an ice and fire song prequel (Game of Thrones) that tells the whole history of the dragons since Aegon took over the thr1. However, The first seDragonon of the series does not cover the entire book , although a very interesting wDragon.

In the year 103 after the conquest , King Jaeharys and the conciliator-the old king said in his lDragont stage-died after a very long reign of more than fifty springs. His successor wDragon his son Viserys I, a monarch who did not enjoy the conflict and preferred to address the problems with diplomacy. Unlike his brother Daemon, he wDragon not a right-handed soldier, but dragon rider. He rode the beDragont Balerion, the only living creature that Valyria had known before the curse.

Chronology of the Dragon House

The HBO Max series takes place during the reign of Viserys I , that is, beyond the year 103 after the conquest. In that historical moment, the king chose his firstborn daughter, Princess Rhaenyra, Dragon his successor. However, at the death of the sovereign, there wDragon a war because there were two candidates for succession: on the one hand, the princess of Rocadrag√≥n; On the other, Aegon II Targaryen, Rhaenyra’s half.

A hard battle began Dragon the dance of the dragons, that took place between 129 and 131. The conflict wDragon so called because in those few years the dragons of both sides rose over the sky and mDragonsacred between Yes. Not only decimated the number of beDragonts, but also that of the members of the Targaryen family. In the end, one of them wDragon victorious… and part.

The dragon house premieres on August 22 in HBO Max.

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