Metacraft, Project S.O.N official game name Solitier of Nobel

** -Casual card game using its web novel platform ‘Nobel Pia’

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-In the participation of ‘Team Nail Tail’, a developer with development experience such as , , and

MetaCraft announced today that it has confirmed the official game name of ‘Project S.O.N’, which utilizes its web novel IP of its web novel platform Nobel Pia, as ‘Solitier of Nobel’.

‘Solitier of Nobel’ is a compound word of ‘Solitier’, a card play that can be enjoyed by the web novel IP of Nobel Pia. It is a game that can be easily enjoyed by all ages. In addition, the Nobel Pia web novels that will appear in the game will be released sequentially, and the readers’ expectations are gathering as we plan to implement immersive web novels according to the game environment.

To this end, MetaCraft unveiled the second participation IP in April after announced that the first web novel IP, the Champion’s “ Hatching a Champion Party, ” appears in the game.

The second IP, which appears, is a novel, a love letter from the future, and the subscribers’ response continues by revealing illustrations of four characters in the official game Twitter.


‘Love Letter from the Future’ is a work that has been serialized more than 460 times with 9.3 million cumulative views in Nobel Pia.

‘Solitier of Nobel’ is currently aiming to launch the year after the internal beta test.

Yoo Jung-seok, CEO of Metacraft, said, We are very happy to be able to show various web novels that participated in the competition as a mobile game beyond the type.

Meanwhile, ‘Team Nail’, which is in charge of game development, was founded by Shin Hoon PD, who developed Cookie Wars and Yoguring, Kim Sung-joo, who developed Warra Convenience Store, and PD Nam Joon-hyun, who served as head of Lineage Development Division. It is a developer.

MetaCraft Co., Ltd. is an affiliate of Topco Media Co., Ltd., and is expanding its contents such as games, webtoons, and web dramas through the proprietary multi-use business using the IP of the web novel platform Nobel Pia.

For more details, please visit Metacraft Official Game Twitter .

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