Aimed differentiated by farms and pets, Illu Tails 30 days released

On the 30th, Akasor Games announced that it will officially launch mobile casual MMORPG ‘Illu Tails’.

Illu Tales is a game that attracts attention with high quality graphics and cute and cute characters using Unreal Engine 4. The battle is a strategy-centered turn-based MMORPG, which proved its success by recording 500,000 pre-registrants in about a month after pre-registration. In addition, the private test, which was held for five days from July 18, was well received for its simple but cute character customization, wide field and high freedom.


Illu Tales has a pet growth system that can create synergy during battle. In addition, the island with a home housing system that can decorate its own garden, so that we can experience various activities such as farm cultivation and farming. In addition, it was different from rich content such as mini games that can be enjoyed lightly and fierce brain fights and hits in battle. The colorful effects that spread out every time you use a beautiful background or skill are also an increasing sense of immersion.

Akasor Games will provide various in-game items to all participants to commemorate the achievement of 500,000 pre-registration. In addition, if you participate in pre-registration through Akaplay, you will receive additional items such as energy fruit.

More details can be found on the official website of Illu Tails.

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