GEO announces new PS5 resale measures. To carry out lottery sales of PS4 body to purchase

GEO (Geo), which handles games, movies, music media, etc., is on August 19 for the Lottery Sales of the PlayStation 5 main unit, which is implemented by the company on August 19 to September 13., It was announced that it will be a customer who can sell the PlayStation 4 main unit. It seems to be implemented as part of the resale measures of the PS5 itself.

In the announcement, GEO commented that he had been guiding and implemented various resale measures so far in the lottery sales of the PS5 itself. However, the number of applications that are suspected of illegal means and IDs are still increasing, and it is difficult for ordinary customers to obtain it. Based on such a situation, the PS5 main unit that arrives in the period from August 24 to September 13 will aim to be delivered directly to customers who are currently enjoying PS4 and respond to the purchase of the PS4 itself. It seems to be a condition for the lottery application.

If you win the lottery sales of the PS5 itself, you will have to bring your own PS4 body when purchasing the PS5 itself at the winning GEO store. The PS4 main unit to be purchased must be played with a PS4 game disk, and if the operation cannot be confirmed at the time of assessment at the store, the lottery is not eligible. If the PS4 body purchased at the store was brought in after the operation was not confirmed, the lottery was not eligible. The same is true when the decomposition prohibition sticker on the back of the body is peeled off.

In this lottery sales, the purchase price of the PS4 body will increase by 2,000 yen. For example, in the case of a 500GB CUH-2000AB01 model (the following image), it can be purchased for up to 16,000 yen, so 2000 yen plus up to 18,000 yen. However, if DualShock 4 is not included, or if it is not included, it will be significantly reduced if it is not the same color as the main unit.

The PS5 body has been in short terms in Japan and overseas since the launch of November 2020. Semiconductor deficiency has occurred due to multiple factors such as the spread of the new colon virus infection, and it is said that distribution of logistics is also affected. Under such circumstances, high resale is rampant, and as a result, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to obtain the PS5 itself at the right price.

Retail stores often carry out lottery sales as resale measures, and GEO is one of them. However, as pointed out in the announcement of this GEO, it seems that lottery sales alone are not enough measures. In GEO, it was previously talked about as a measure that the lottery winner was to fill out the packing material of the bundled controller when purchasing the PS5 main unit (related article). And this time, it looks like a further countermeasure.

In PS5, almost all PS4 games operate due to the rear compatibility function (6 titles are announced at the moment that it is impossible to operate). Therefore, it is GEO’s idea that when you win the PS5 body by winning the lottery sales and purchasing the PS5 itself, you will basically have no problem with users. However, it is unknown how effective it is, as the resale company may be able to deal with lottery sales on the premise that the PS4 itself will be used and cheaply obtained.

The GEO PS5 main lottery sale can be applied from the banner on the home screen of the Geo app from 11:00 on August 22 to 17:59 on August 25. Applications are limited to once. Check the official website for details. It is said that regular lottery sales are scheduled in the future, which is not required to purchase PS4 itself.

As an aside, MAT PISCATELLA, an executive director of NPD Group, a market research company, increased on August 19 in July sales of PS5 and Xbox Series X itself in July compared to one year ago. Reported that it was recorded. In response, some overseas media reports that these bodys seem to be easier to obtain (The Verge).

In May this year, the Sony Group reported that it is planning to exceed the previous year, about the sales volume of the PS5 main unit in FY2022. At the financial meeting in July, the plan was unchanged, and although the logistics delay continued, the supply of parts has been considerably improved. He is considering the production ahead of the manufacturing so that it can be shipped as much as possible in the year-end sales war. I hope that the shortage will be improved and the situation that can be purchased at any reasonable price will come as soon as possible.

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