The cheetah appeared as soon as possible in Phantom Pagoda, and the Rampage was rampant on PvP, occupying the top leader board. The developer also announced that cheat measures are strengthened

Level Infinite has launched the basic play free open world RPG TOWER OF FANTASY on August 11. On the other hand, it seems that the existence of cheat users has been confirmed as early as this work. In response, the developer has also announced its response to fraudulent people.


Phantom Tower is a free science fiction open world RPG. The stage is Aida Star, which is migrated by humans who have left the earth. Humanity was hit by a catastrophe in this star, but the survivors were living strongly with the devastated Aida stars. Players will develop an adventure over the future of humanity as one of the survivors.

Battle is an emphasis on action, and has introduced a system such as a combination of battle style that combines a variety of weapons. In addition, this work is often comparable to the popular title Harajin because of the fact that it was born in China and the Open World ARPG and its contents. On the other hand, in addition to the design of science fiction elements and the like, multiplayer content is also differentiated, such as seamless multiplayer and boss subjugation in tens of people. There is also a PVP element. In the content called the top league, players fight one-on-one.

This work is about one week after the start of the service. The problem of cheat users seems to be emerging as early as possible. On the overseas bulletin board Reddit, the user posted a screenshot of the leader board (ranking) in this work. He pointed out the existence of players who seem to be cheat users.

Screenshots have pointed out that the level of players in the first and second-place players in the leader board is unnaturally high. According to the contributor, the players, who seem to be these fraudulent people, were confirmed at Solaris, one of the North American servers. Suspicion users have been reported that they own six SSR units, the highest rarity, and have a level 7 supplier. Another user commented that it has confirmed the existence of fraudulent people with 1 billion stamina and fraudulent guilds.

Furthermore, according to the user in the thread, the cheat user seems to have been confirmed in PvP. One user reported that the opponent’s shield had shown an unnatural recovery. Some comments that he had an enemy CPU-only poison attack. It seems that some of the cheetahs in PvP have been reported in Japan.

While the existence of fraudulent people is being confirmed, the official Twitter account of the Phantom Pagoda announced the progress of problems and the progress of system improvement. In addition to raising the number of server people for PCs, it was announced that the anti-cheat system was scheduled for a short time. In addition, the announcement and punishment of the cheetah list is also scheduled. The developer seems to start to deal with fraudulent people in earnest.

The shadow of the fraudulent who is appearing in the Phantom Pagoda that is not started. Some say that there are few opportunities to recognize its existence by enjoying PVE elements. On the other hand, it is a problem that the leader board does not work properly. And, of course, the existence of cheat users in PVP is likely to be a major problem in end content. Including the anti-cheat system scheduled to be maintained, the developers’ future cheat measures are attracting attention.

TOWER OF FANTASY is being distributed to PC (Windows/Steam/Epic Games Store) and Android/iOS. It will be released at a later date for Steam and Epic Games stores.

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