Hankonjin recruits the 2nd global game hub center tenant and game venture 4.0 start -up team

[Park Bo-kyun Moon Young-soo] The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Park Bo-kyun) and the Korea Creative Content Agency (Director Cho Hyun-rae) will recruit new and preliminary start-up teams in the 2nd Global Game Hub Center and Game Venture 4.0 by 2022 until the 26th.

Companies and prospective entrepreneurs who want to move in the second half of the global game hub center can be received at the Korea Content Agency’s Nuri House by 11 am on the 26th. The occupancy period is up to 4 years for tenants (basic 2 years+1 year+1 year of excellent), and game venture 4.0 is up to 2 years (basic 1 year+1 year).

The Global Game Hub Center focuses on the location and capacity building programs so that companies with growth potential, such as small and medium-sized game companies, developers of less than one year, and preliminary entrepreneurs, can grow into a game developer with competencies.

Global Game Hub Center tenants will recruit nine places for domestic small and medium-sized game companies. Residents provide independent office spaces of various sizes such as large (129 square meters), medium (87 ~ 93.8 square meters), and small (25.2 ~ 48.2 square meters), and 2023 to overcome Corona 19 to overcome the rent that was previously supported up to 80%. By the end of February, the company plans to reduce the actual burden on the company by supporting the full amount and 50% of the management expenses.

In addition, the selected tenants are supported by the latest equipment and facilities for mobile and VR game test beds for game development, ▲ Mobile deepening QA and consulting support ▲ Game development SW (Adobe, Autodesk, Unity). In addition, game consulting (game production, publishing and service, securing funds, promotion marketing, overseas expansion, etc.) ▲ Management consulting (tax, accounting, law, personnel, labor, etc.) ▲ recruitment support You can also enjoy a variety of support benefits.

In addition, ‘Game Venture 4.0’, which is aimed at new developers and prospective entrepreneurs for less than one year, recruits a total of 16 teams. With full support for tenant, you can use a joint office space and offers the same facilities and development programs as the global game hub center tenant.

Lee Yang-hwan, head of the Game Division of the Korea Creative Content Agency, said, As one of the K-contents, it aims to make game companies that are endless potential for growth and development due to lack of funds and infrastructure. We will actively support small and medium-sized game companies in the growing domestic game industry so that they can be more active.

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