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Apex Legends has just entered its 14th content season since its launch in 2019. Like other hero shooters such as Overwatch, Battle Royale has seen numerous changes in the goals of the characters and team compositions as it passes Each season by introducing Nerfs or improvements in characters changes. as played. With season 14 in full swing, a new breakdown of the selection rates of legends has given an idea of where each legend is, and here is everything you need to know about All the selection rates of legends in the season 14 of Apex Legends .

All selection rates of legends in Apex Legends Season 14

Next, you will find the selection rates of all legends, regardless of the mode, courtesy of the APEX Legends State tracking database from August 1. 8, 2022.

ADVANTAGE *: 13.4%
Octane : 9.7%
Ghost : 8.9%
Pioneer *: 7.8%
Hound : 7.6%
Valquiria : 6.1%
Horizon *: 5.6%
Bangalore : 4.3%
Seer : 4.2%
Life line *: 4%
Loba : 3.5%
Fuse : 3%
Ash *: 3%
Maggie Loca : 2.8%
Newcastle : 2.6%
Mirage *: 2.5%
caustic : 2.3%
Returning : 2%
Watson *: 1.9%
Gibraltar : 1.7%
Wall : 1.6%
* crypto : 1.3%

Image Source: Apex Legends state

There are a couple of things to take into account the results, the most obvious being the Vantage selection rate. The selection rate of legends tends to increase during a specific event of the character, or when combined with a new season, the Vantage selection rate being a reflection of this last feeling.

On the other hand, the high-flying Valkyrie selection rate has collapsed astronomically after its Nerfs of season 14, since she sat 34% before Hunted. However, it is surprising that the selection rate is even higher than that of the unconditional defensive Newcastle, which received some benefits with the newest season. Surprisingly, changes in his kit seemed to increase his selection rate despite the low general percentage, while Mad Maggie has also probably seen an increase due to the fact that her definitive ability now destroys the protection dome of Gibraltar.

Meanwhile, the extraordinary hacker Crypto sits at the bottom with a mini-pistola carrying Rampart.

Keep in mind that the newest season has only been active for a week. The current selection rates will change as the season progresses with the players fighting to complete the challenges of the character’s battle pass of the character or when the next great event reaches the game. In general, these events bring changes to the characters that could introduce a change in selection rates.

That is all you need to know about the current selection rates for all legends in Apex Legends ** season. As long as you are, be sure to see advertising behind Vantage, as a complete breakdown of your skills. You can also see the trailer of the battle pass or, if you feel nostalgic, see our previous coverage on the legend selection rates to see how far the game has come.

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