A Add to Library button appears for Steam free games. New options to alleviate a little effort

From the other day, it seems that functions have been improved for free games and free DLC pages from the other day. The Add to Library button that has never been seen has been added, so that you can get it in the library without installing the work.

Steam is a game distribution platform operated by Valve. Various games are sold, and the distribution of basic play (F2P) games is also active. Users obtain games and download content (DLC) through the store page of each work. If it is a paid item, purchase it through the Put in the cart button and add it to the library. For F2P games and free DLC, you can download and play immediately from the Play Game button on the store page.

However, the procedure for obtaining this free item had trivial inconvenience. After pressing the Play Game button, the installation started immediately. Therefore, in cases such as I do not install/play right now, but I want to put it in the library for the time being, I needed to cancel the installation. Although the operation was small, it was a specification that could not be denied.

And the other day, it seems that a new option to solve this annoyance has been added to Steam. That is the Add to Library button. The button added next to the conventional Play Game button will add a game to the library with one click. Although the results obtained are almost the same as the installation cancellation method, Add to Library is a better response, and it can be said that it is advanced because the effort of cancel the menu is reduced. It seems that voices welcome this improvement on SNS such as Twitter.

This change seems to be enabled on free DLC store pages. Not only when picking up the F2P title, but also when adding a large amount of free DLC, it seems that a single effort will be shortened. If the library is lined up in chronological order, the game added with the Add to Library button will enter the No recorded activity category. Same as the installation cancellation method. Users such as I want the new library to come to the top of the list will need to continue the installation preparation.

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