LOL: Leviatáns team dominates Chileans and Peruvians in the South Regional

The tournament that seeks the representative of the southern of the American continent begins with four teams that seek the competition waiting to take the ticket for promo/relegation.

The first duel would be Furious Gaming against Incubus in a fight where the surprise Zeri of Scenario was present taking great impact throughout the game to harm the opponents and take an advantage that would surprise the skull, without Being able to answer the Chilean team slowly fell to the Peruvians who handled the situation in the best way to take the first game to their scoreboard.

The second game would be Leviathan against Movistar Optix with an Argentine team that comes as a favorite, leaving an aphelia in the hands of nothing that would have great capacity to handle the situation within the confrontation being protected by his teammates to generate sufficient damage to Delete the life of the rivals and manage to give Levianeta the impulse they needed to take the game.

For the third meeting Incubus faces Leviathan to decide which team stays at the tip of the tournament, playing with one of the best patch shooters we see Nothing with Sivir to punish the Demons, with a game that was seen even at the beginning the return is awarded for the Argentine team that managed to take the advantage to finish the match with one more victory.

Closing the day we have Chilean duel between Furious Gaming against Movistar Optix seeking to change the situation that was lived in the final of the League we see Mox seeking to take the initiative within the meeting, however, the Calavera would have Brayaron with a Gwen that would cause great ravages during the meeting to bring out his skills allowing FG to take the victory.

The first day of action ends at the South Regional making clear the power of the Levianeta that manages to excel with the first position of the tournament, looking for that golden ticket to fight for the quota in the LLA and as a clear favorite, there are still several dates left of the South Tournament to look for the team that will be the best of the lower part of the continent.

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