Lineage W, the third episode Giran update

NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek-jin, NC) ‘s multi-platform MMORPG Lineage W has updated’ 3rd episode: Giran ‘today (10th).

NC (NC) added various contents around the new territory ‘Giran’. Users can enjoy ▲ Giranseong, Giranseong Village, new hunting grounds, pirate tombs, cursed Sirenho, grief forest, and new world ‘Papurion’.

Lineage W users can meet the powerful boss monsters (pirate tombs-‘Drake of thirst’ / Cursed Siren Ho-‘Madame Barbosa’, Captain Calypso / Buddhist Forest-‘Kurto’). Killing each boss monster can obtain ‘pirate armor’, ‘blood sword of evil spirits’, ‘technical book (Dragon Lower)’, and ‘Excalibur’. If you succeed in attacking the newly added dungeon (Event Secret Base) to the existing hunting ground ‘Shadow Sanchae’, you can also get ‘the boots of the zookeeper’ and ‘magic (Meteor Strike)’.

NC (NC) opens the 20th new world ‘Papurion’. The user can play Lineage W in the new world from 6 pm today (10th).

‘3rd episode: Giran’ pre-booking participants will receive a ‘Giran Lantern Exploration Test’ as a reward. The item can be replaced with ‘attendance check: Giranji exploration’ in the in-game store. The 14th attendance check compensation is a rare legendary transformation card (event). The user can use the Rare Legendary Transformation Card (Event) to get a rare level or higher.

NC (NC) updates various game systems foretold in the communication broadcast ‘Studio W’. Users are transformed/magic-type card composite failure over rare grade, ‘card synthesis point’ system that acquires 100% of the upper grade cards when the number of failures accumulates. ‘You can use’.

For more information on the update, visit the Lineage W official website.

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