The list of champions Teamfight Tactics (TFT) (August 2019) – the best units in the game!

The Teamfight Tactics Champions list presents the best units in the game! This leadership presents a complete list of champions with a rating so that it is easier for you to make decisions when choosing various units and synergy in TFT.

In the preface to this Teamfight Tactics, the level of champions of the list, it is very general, and some champions can be in different places depending on the optimal set of objects and/or compositions. The most important factor affecting these TFT ratings is their strength in two stars with a minimum number of elements, but other factors are also partially taken into account.

List of the best champions Teamfight Tactics

The most effective champions in TFT

To succeed, your team should have one of the best champions Teamfight Tactics. These units are one of the most powerful units in the game, based either on their CC potential (control of the crowd), or at the exit in combination with the fact that they also have strong synergy with their origin, class or both.

Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol is a unique enemy causing great damage, because he can destroy several grouped enemies at once. Its final range and width are insanely large, which allows him to split the entire enemy team, if you have the right composition to supplement it.

Aurelion Solion is excellent in compositions of wild/sorcerers but also a function in sorceraer compositions without jockers. Aurelion will be your main threat of damage, and while you have at least two items on it, you will not need another dealer with high damage. Aurelion Sol will do the most hard work, especially in the Wild/Sorcerer composition. Optimal Aurelion Sol items:

  • Fit-firing gun
  • Speesh Sodzina
  • Deadly hat of Rabadon


Perhaps the best unit of control of the crowd in the game, Sedzhuani has a place in almost every composition. Sed Juani is often chosen, without using it synergies. The strength of the massive effect of control of the crowd is 4 seconds, if it has 2 stars. Madly strong.

Sedzhuani succeeds in compositions Glacial-Ranger-Elementalist due to the fact that it was one of the only units on the front line in these strategies and blocked the composition of the enemy team in CC so that the causes of damage can quickly remove them, often before they They will even come out of the stunning of Sed Juan. Optimal objects on Sejuani:

  • Sogzina spear,
  • Icy heart
  • Ghostly dancer



A senar is a unit, unlike many others. He can replace the enemy team, as well as control them, at the same time becoming a huge strip of health for the enemy, which he can cope with when he transforms. The damage and usefulness of the transformation of the bar that led him to the S-UND. With some protective items, Gnar can almost always transform and allow the rest of your team to clean what remains of the enemy team.

Gnar succeeds in compositions Wild/Sorcerer as well as any composition used by Shapeshifters. Wild/Sorcerer is still one of the most powerful compositions in the game and often uses werewolves as part of their optimal composition.

If you have a spare blade and a rod, you might think about making a sorcerer with a sorcerer. This will increase his generation of mana during the auto-attack and will allow him to transform faster, replacing/controlling the enemy team faster. Optimal objects on the senar:

  • Dragon claw
  • Ghostly dancer
  • Titanic Hydra

How to use lower-level champions in Teamfight Tactites

How to use A-Tier Units in TFT

The units of the A-level will be quite strong, but not as strong as the units of the S-UREN. These units can be your only figurative units if you equip them with the right items, but even if you do not, they will usually be one of the most powerful units at their cost.

The B-Ural units are usually decent and can be very strong at the beginning and middle of the game, but they will most likely be replaced by stronger units during the game. There are situations when these units can be key dams or parts of your composition, but such situations are infrequent.

are the c-level champions good enough for use in TFT?

C-Tier units may have moments when they shine, but there are few such moments and they are rare. Some of these units can shine in the middle of the game with the right items, but the transfer of a large number of objects to these units often leads to the fact that the higher-level units of your enemy with objects surpass them. These units will also want to play only in order to gain benefits from their synergy. At the C-level there are no units who would be especially strong in themselves without synergy.

The units of the D-Uralov in themselves are not very strong and will be played only for synergy.
However, what the D-U-Urals gives these units lies in the fact that they are easily replaced by stronger units with the same synergy.
To learn more about Team Fight Tactics, read the Teamfight Tactics (TFT) champions list (TFT) (set 7: Dragonlands)-a list of champions, classes and origin!
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