Summers War: Chronicle is also optimized for PCs and consoles.

Summers War: When I first heard that Chronicle (Chronicle) is also on a PC, I just wanted to meet the recent trends that simultaneously support mobile and PC. Even when I went one step further and was released as a steam and Xbox, it was a long-awaited price for mobile-based games to be suitable as a PC or console.

However, when I heard more about the game, I felt that Chronicle could enjoy more on PCs and consoles than mobile. Not only is it much more advanced at the time of its first release, but I also got impressions like PCs and console games that support mobile, such as a profound combat system or a manipulation that can be enjoyed much more comfortably when I enjoyed with a keyboard and a console pad. Game Mecca was able to meet with Chronicle Lee Eun-jae and head of Masung Bin.

Combination of collectable RPG and MMORPG

Chronicle is a game with MMORPG but with all the characteristics of character collection RPGs. Among them, it is the summoner who is responsible for the identity of the MMORPG. In the game, there are a total of three summoners, Orbia, Kina, and Cliff, and players can only manipulate this summoner. Orbia is good at ranged magic attacks, Kina’s recovery and reinforcement ability, and Cliffs are good at melee combat. A total of 10 equipment, including five attribute weapons, auxiliary weapons and accessories, can be worn.

Interestingly, the effect of the skill depends on the attribute of the weapon. For example, if you use the cliff’s skill to hit the enemy as a fire attribute weapon, you can jump and attack multiple monsters in a row. It can be. It is important to fight the weapons of various attributes from time to time according to the situation.

There are a total of 250 summons. If you are familiar with Summers War IP such as water, style, fire, light, and cancer, you can quickly identify your relationships, and level up through battle and experience potions. Evolution can expand the upper limit to level 70 levels, and you can level up your skills separately. Furthermore, it is possible to awaken, but in this case, you can also secure additional skills with your appearance. For reference, the summoner can be gained for the first time through a selection summoning after a few quests at the beginning.

The summons can be equipped with six runes that appear in the perforated arena. The effect is a bit different from the perforated arena. Unlike the summoner, the summoner cannot manipulate it directly, so runes help the summoner to fight more cleverly as well as simple stats. For example, when a rune that raises the evasion, the summoner automatically avoids the range of the monster.

Dungeons that can never be cleared without manual battle

As mentioned above, the only summoner can manipulate the player in this game, and he fights with three summons. One in three summons can only manipulate skills, and other summons take care of their battle. Of course, they are not fighting with each other, and they can give simple instructions such as directly, intensive attacks, and following. The summoner can be changed in real time, but in this case, the mana will be consumed.

Lee Eun-jae, PD, consistently emphasized throughout the interview, was that the battle was difficult. Once there is no automatic battle in the game, the player can only be cleared by the player once it is cleared, and in the case of red, it is possible to use automatic hunting only by manually attacking three times. Even the dungeon save point is installed to make it easy to challenge the boss. Lee Eun-jae said, Automatic hunting is possible, but if you use it, you may not be able to break almost all dungeons.

At first glance, the summoner can be controlled, so the operation looks simple, but in reality it is never. Once the summoner continues to avoid the attack and attacks, the attribute weapon must be changed according to the situation, and the timing must be checked to insert the ultimate attack with the summoner. Lee Eun-jae said, It has a manipulation that you have to press frequently at the same time, so it is much better to use a pad or keyboard than a mobile pad on a mobile. In fact, the arena of the perforation, which was a turn-based battle, was also difficult to break a regular quest by automatic operation, and the high difficulty is the characteristic of the summer nuns War IP.

Scheduled to enter 4Q on the global stage

Chronicle includes story mode, local dungeons, two towers, raids, and Arena with PVP. The story of the game is carried out between Ludelin, Tesca, Aya, Flurence, and Lucurang, and bosses for each region appear. The player must write La Hill’s chronology in various regions, and struggle to defeat Tepo, the source of evil. For reference, the story mode is an unconditional manual operation. In addition, there are moon shadow forests with PVP and Kairos Dungeon for various reinforced ingredients.

The developers have prepared a variety of devices to prevent the MMORPG’s unique environment, which can easily occur various issues. Once the issue occurs, the system has been established to make the content not available right away, and a team has been organized to track the use of exchanges, abusing, workshop, and illegal program violations. It is a much easier and easier and easier to cope with demands than the general CS or QA team.

In addition to August 16, Chronicle will be released on a PC at the same time. The global stage will be entered in the fourth quarter, and will be released as a steam or Xbox after 3 months after domestic launch.

The following is a professional question and answer.

Q. Recently, the MMORPG market has shrunk a lot. Summers War: What kind of grades do I expect?

Lee Eun-jae PD (hereinafter referred to as Lee): There are many people who enjoy it on PC. First of all, he expected the fifth place in Google’s sales, but I hope for that.

Head of Masung Bin Business Division (Me): Chronicle is a little different from Lineage Likes. Although it melted the know-how of Summers War, I think it will be a different charm than other games because it is aimed at the character summoned RPG and manual operation-oriented MMORPG. I’m thinking about 5th place, but I hope it will be a game that can be longer than sales.

Q. Can you expect a collaboration with other games?

Lee: I am trying to collaborate, and there are still places that are still in contact.

Q. Have you heard of account levels? The reason may be tired, but why did you put it in?

Lee: It was made in the direction of giving Benefit to hard users who raise all three characters. Of course, the gap is not widened.

** Q. Collective RPGs are often matched with upward leveling rather than touching the balance, which may lead to the collapse of the balance.

Lee: I think there will be many challenges regarding balance. It’s not my style that I have a lot of upward patches and cut off the results of my efforts.

Q. Com2us developed a PC game for a long time, did you have any difficulties?

Lee: There was a lot of difficulties. I was not ready because I only developed mobile, and I had a hard time in many ways.

Ma: It was not easy for business. I need a lot of policies that are equivalent to my PC, but now I’m well prepared.

Q. Is there an additional summoner plan?

Lee: Of course. Already prepared

Q. It is also available on Xbox and Steam, but I wonder if it will be a service in Korea.

Ma: In Korea, we will focus on mobile and hive PC cross play.

Q. Did you see the possibility of success when it was released as a console?

Lee: North America and Europe have a bigger console market, so it’s natural for developers to target them.

Q. Finally, please say a word to the fans who are looking forward to the game.

Ma: I have prepared about 7 games, and this game is most confident.

Lee: I developed 4 years or five years. There have been a lot of things during that period, but now it’s hard. I would like to have fun and have fun.

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