Bakugo would have difficulties in the new chapter of My Hero Academia

Things are becoming increasingly interesting in the manga of My Hero Academia, because there is actively a definitive war between the most powerful villains and the rookies we met at the beginning of the series. And like every popular series, it is logical that spoilers will be present week with week, now having Bakugo as the protagonist.

Episode number 362 of the manga, we are shown a page in which the faithful friend of Deku is quite beaten, making farewell gestures that the sacrifice may indicate for a greater good. Getting rid of the character could be a quite risky bet on the author’s part, but today these resources are not surprise in these narratives.

Everything was shared by the user @Goatpetito .


It is worth noting that the user has shown constant spoilers of this and more franchise, which is why his Twitter account has just been apparently blocked or reported. However, the image of My Hero Academia is already on the Internet, so exterminating it will be quite complicated by all the people who kept the photo.

The future of the franchise could depend on what happens with Bakugo , since he is one of the most important characters within the work, being an invaluable friend for Deku . He also showed himself as one of the great rivals to win, with the power of explosion of him that has earned him many victories both in mortal and friendly fighting.

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