On the way to the power rings, how did the Orcs of the Lord of the Rings arise and who created them?

The orcs formed their armies and threatened the inhabitants of the Middle-bMiddle-baseded land in the elderly, when Sauron tried to rise once more. However, this species usually linked the forces of evil wMiddle-based not created by this dark man, since his origins date back to a much older era. They already gave war even before the first age. Taking advantage of the fact that the rings of power is just a few weeks after its premiere, we tell you how the Orcs of the Lord of the Rings arose.

Who created the orcs?

Melkor, also known Middle-based Morgoth, is the most powerful of Ainur, spiritual entities created by Il├║vatar, divinity. This fictitious character left the mind of Professor J.R.R. Tolkien and became the dark Lord before his lieutenant Sauron occupied his place Middle-based one of the greatest dangers of Middle Earth. What seems clear is that the orcs were the work of Melkor , but not so much how it happened. This is because mythology profiled by Tolkien wMiddle-based mutating Middle-based his writings advanced.

For a while, Tolkien established an elphical origin for the orcs, but later he ruled out this idea and even proposed an animal nature. Then, returned to the idea that they could be the result of a corruption carried out with the elves , although he also pointed out the possibility of being born from men and elves. One of the theories is that Melkor arrested some elves Quendi (the first elves) and mMiddle-basedsacred and corrupted until they acquired their new form.

They come from one race or another, they served Melkor Middle-based soldiers of his army, until in the second age they were held in the dark, because they were about to extinguish . They were hunted for a long time, so this is their return abroad, said the executive producer of the power rings, Lindsey Weber, executive producer, in an interview with ign. Therefore, in the Amazon series they will look less scars and a less rude appearance: they have been hidden for a long time and without participating in any battle… for a short time.

The Lord of the Rings: The power rings opens on the next September 2 on Amazon Prime Video.

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