LOL: The controversial application used by Tyler1 that everyone now hates

League of Legends players have at our disposal a practically infinite amount of tools to improve our game experience. There are applications that allow us to increase our performance in the games knowing new strategies or offer us the occasional help. Even if we want to leave the performance aside and have fun a little more, we have access to tools that give us ideas to make mischief in the invoker crack. The problem is that, although all these tools are great, the use that the community makes of them can be truly problematic.

A harmless application that everyone now hates

The most recent problems have emerged because of Ultimate Bravery. This application, which we have already talked about, is nothing more than a tool that offers us the possibility of randomizing all our selections for a game **. Chosen champion, runes, skill to maximize or objects are chosen by a system that does not intend to adapt a little to the metajuego. It is random and it is not strange that it suggests playing things as rare as a Renekton that must first upload the W (implacable predator) and buy the second-object Liche perdition. A nonsense about the possibility of winning a game.


The problem that has emerged from this point is what you are all thinking. Although this tool is designed to be used in normal games and only when we play with a group that agrees, Some players are beginning to use it in their qualifiers . Usually with a secondary account in which they do not mind lowering the rank, they use these crazy combinations ruining the experience to the rest of their team members. As good as you are playing, in these conditions the defeat is almost guaranteed.

A good example of this situation is the popular streamer Tyler1. After having reached the highest range of the game in all positions, the content creator seems to have run out of challenges and has sought in this type of applications a new challenge. The problem is that not even someone as skilled as he is able to impose himself. Even playing in Platinum 1, a quite high range but much lower than his, he has only won two of the ten games he has played following these strange rules and accumulates a kda of 0.9 in the eight losses of the.

The mere fact that one of the most famous content creators of League of Legends carry out this type of challenges was the sufficient excuse for some players to decide to try the same, with an equal or worse result. This situation, although not massive, has led many players to to request formal punishment by Riot Games . The reasoning is simple, if the company does not act against the streamer it seems that what it is doing does not breach any rule, although it is quite similar to lose on purpose.

In recent days, streamer has abandoned qualifying items with this type of applications without having transcended the reason. Keep in mind that it is part of the Official Content Creators Program of League of Legends, so even It is possible that the developer has solved the problem with a notice in private and without the need to climb to a sanction. However, we fear that for the rest there will be no luck. Using this type of applications in qualifying items is not only a very bad idea for our range, but it can end in a very serious punishment.

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