[Todays Steam] Devade for children? Hide and seeks new work ‘Bale Oir Best’

Dead By Daylight (Devade), which deals with the hide and seek of murderers and survivors, is becoming popular, and asymmetry games with similar themes are increasing. The new film, Baleoe Cheil, which was released on Steam on the 21st, is one of these games, attracting attention as ‘Devade for Children’ with a cute character and a cute character.

Baleoe Cheil is an asymmetric PvP game like Devade, which is divided into humans and monsters. Three human players and one monster are arranged and confronted, and humans run away from monsters, and monsters must catch all humans and put them in prison. Humans can use the lantern they have to stun the monsters at a dangerous moment, and the monsters have special abilities such as passing through the walls or detecting footprints.


The biggest feature is the cute character and casual. The role of the runaway team and the pursuit chasing it is similar to Dead By Daylight, but the play time is very short, which is very short, and the characters reminiscent of sewing dolls are somewhat frightened. As of the 22nd, the steam user evaluation is ‘positive (26 participants, 80%)’.

Meanwhile, in the world’s best sales rankings, No-Men’s Sky, which entered the rankings with a new update, ranked third, and Red Dead Redemption 2, which received a 50% discount, was ranked 9th. In the top 20 of the steam day, TOP 20, Rust re-entered TOP 10, with a higher number of people to 10,204 people.

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