STEAM version starts for the latest work in the series Blue Ritsu Gunvolt Chain Ring for the winter of 2022! The switch version will be released on July 28, and the XSX/XB1 version will be released on August 2

Inti Creatures officially announced on Twitter that the PC (Steam) version has started development for the latest action game series, Blue Rinsei Gunvolt Chain Ring . The release time is aimed at winter 2022.

This work is the latest work of the Aoki Raijin Gun Volt series, which was released for Nintendo 3DS in 2014. While switching between the new hero Kirin and the series hero Gunvolt, we will fight high-speed on various stages.

Live novels, where conversations between the characters are unfolded in full voices, and the songs by electronic songs and Morpho are still alive. In addition, Gunvolt’s new system Image Pulse allows you to use various skills by calling your friends and rivals you have met so far.


The Nintendo Switch version of this work will be released on July 28, 2022, and the Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One version will be released on August 2, 2022. A package version will be released for Nintendo Switch.

Blue Thunder Gunvolt Chain Ring Steam version is scheduled to be released in winter 2022.

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