Everything included in the update of Skyrim Together mod 1.1.0

Mod Skyrim Together: Reborn received his first update, correcting many problems that the fashion had during release. Skyrim Together: Reborn is a mod for Skyrim, which allows players to play in a cooperative with 2-8 players online. The creators of the fashion described in detail all the changes in update 1.1.0, how to correctly establish a mod and planned changes for the next update.


Update Skyrim Together mod 1.1.0 Features

Although most changes are corrections, there are some improvements in fashion in fashion, noticeable in the gameplay. Here are the biggest changes in the Skyrim Togeter update:

  • XP synchronization can now be turned off in the server settings.
  • The healing hands spell should now work for other players.
  • Enemy aggression should now be more evenly aimed at the entire group, and not just the leader of the group.
  • Fixed a mistake due to which some enemies did not die after falling the level of health below 0 by removing murder chambers (this can also potentially solve the problem of duplication of Luta from dead bodies).

Update Skyrim Together mod 1.1.0 Error corrections

Along with the list of errors corrections, the creators of the fashion also shared how to prevent some malfunctions during the game. The creators recommend that the leader of the group first enters the server and in any quest dungeons to prevent failure. The creators also recommend turning off the DLC Anniversary Upgrade package and free mods that go with it. Here are additional errors included in the update.

  • The list of servers is visible again
  • The server part of the user interface was subjected to mini-capital repairs, which led to a decrease in the number of problems with an unstoppable user interface, as well as to some new features.
  • Duplicated quest objects can be removed without re-addition.
  • Houses of players from DLC and mods now also should not synchronize chests.
  • Fixed a departure when fascinating the subject when the player was not connected to the server
  • Fixed a mistake due to which the chest in diplomatic immunity was empty (this chest is no longer synchronized)

How to install an update Skyrim Together Mod 1.1.0

To download the update, you must remove the old installation and upload a new one to nexusmods.com. The server hosts should also upload the last image of the docker for use. The installation of a new update should not force you to start a new game, but if you play Skyrim Together in a cooperative, you may have to launch a new session.

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