28th large -scale update R2, Warfare detailed information disclosure

Webzen unveiled the update schedule and details of ‘R2NAissance Part6: Warfare’ on its representative PC MMORPG ‘R2 (Revolution)’ homepage.

Webzen opened the teasing site of ‘R2NAissance Part6: Warfare’, which added ‘Awakening Skills’ and ‘Awakening Mission’, which will help character growth on July 28 (Thursday), and improved various contents.

In this large-scale update, a number of content will be improved by actively collecting the opinions of game users, as well as the addition of the development system to support the character’s rapid growth.

First, R2 adds a new awakening skill (Epic). This new skill can be acquired only when it owns ‘Awakening Skill (Rare)’ and can be leveled up to ‘Awakening Skills (Epic)’. Epic rating awakening skills by class will also be added.

In addition, this update creates the character’s ‘Awakening Mission’. You can get ‘Awakening Mission’ by receiving a daily quest from the Grand Master Jean NPC in front of the Dark Priest Temple. The Awakening Mission varies depending on the selected awakening ability, and it is possible to obtain additional ‘awakening points’ required for awakening growth when completed.

In addition, Webzen has said that the game members will actively collect opinions proposed through the official community and apply them to updates.

Webzen strengthens the stats of the guardian deity on the Demozar Island and changes the appearance time to provide the fun of siege than before. Subsequently, ‘Renabe Youngja’ is added, allowing the character to move smoothly. In the siege camp, the activity of ‘willingness of unity’ also increases the gauge charging rate and duration, which increases the effect of attacking or defense of all meetings.

In addition, ‘R2+’ system is added to the new buff item, ‘Poisoned item’, and ‘Awakening Skills (Rare)’, ‘Initial Embers’ and ‘Misslil coins’ are added to the list of available items. Subsequently, we will expand the monsters that can be designated as ‘Guild Quest Making’ by adding Upenter, Baalbek Dungeon and Dark Priest Teachers.

In addition, Webzen will improve the convenience features for the easy and convenient game of members, such as R2’s icon and item exchange NPC renewal and skill list fixing function.

For more information about Webzen’s PC game R2, R2NAissance Part6: Warfare, please visit the official website.

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