Two -pointed hospital growth guide

Overgrows is the second hospital in which you can play the World 7 of Two Point Hospital. Pubberley island Expansion package. It can be unlocked by receiving a star level in Pebberly Reef .

At this level, the plot test is introduced, where additional areas cannot be bought for money, and they can be unlocked by completing certain tasks.

We are discussing Overgrowth in the following guidance, which includes the best layouts, star goals, staff training advice, staff morality, reputation management and step-by-step guides.

Hospital with two points, the best layout for excessive growth

Each hospital on Two Point Hospital has its own unique layout design. This layout, of course, is configured in accordance with the requirements of the player. Overgrows is unique in that you cannot buy additional areas and should unlock them by completing tasks.

As for the best layout, there is no established formula here, since you have a license to build this hospital at your discretion. The entire hospital area is a huge territory, which is then divided into several smaller segments.

However, as you expand and open more areas, you must remember several things.

You should group all the offices of your general practitioner in one place and create separate blocks for areas of diagnosis and treatment. The combination of offices of the same type in one place helps to reduce the mess and makes your hospital more clean.

Finally, you must make your administrative zones as far from other offices as possible. This will help reduce chaos and improve the organization.

targets of stars of overgrowing

1 Star target

  • Own 10 sites


  • 10,000 dollars

* A wandering poster
* Pink bird
* K100
* Topless Gora

2-star goals

  • Own 18 sites


  • $ 20,000
  • K150
  • Egg chair

3-star goals

  • Own 25 sites


  • 30,000 dollars
  • K200

Tips for Training Overgrower Personnel

Modernization of your staff is important for completing tasks. Personnel training is a function on Two Point Hospital, which allows you to improve your staff’s skills or open new ones. This mechanic becomes accessible for use when you reach the level 3. Remember the following skills in teaching your staff.

Firstly, for your doctors, the best skills to increase the level are diagnostics, general practice, research, psychiatric skills and treatment.

Then, when training nurses, you should take into account the following skills: department management, pharmacy management, diagnosis and injection.

Do not forget to train other hospital employees, as they are also an integral part of the functioning of your hospital.

Secretaries should increase their abstraction skills, intelligence and emotions.

The wipers are necessary for the functioning of your hospital, and the management of their updates and resources is very important. Be sure to hire a lot of wipers and place several cleaners and fire extinguishers to facilitate their work.

By increasing their skills, think about improving their maintenance skills, mechanics and capture of ghosts.

Finally, increase the level of your assistants in marketing and customer service to get maximum return from them.

Excess: how to manage the moral spirit of staff

It is very important to manage the moral spirit of your staff if you want to extract maximum benefits from it. The moral state of employees depends on two things: their mood and salary that they receive.

Your staff should be well paid to have a good moral spirit. Payments of the minimum wage are sometimes not enough, and this leads to a decrease in the happiness of employees.

The provision of basic amenities to employees is also important to maintain a good moral spirit. You must build several rooms for staff and equip them with retail automatic machines, sheet stands, benches and snack machines to increase the level of staff happiness. You must also install air conditioners to help with heat.

Increasing the skill of emotional intelligence of your employees helps them get 10% of happiness.

Maintaining a clean working environment also contributes to the happiness and moral spirit of the staff. The hire of several cleaners and the placement of garbage tanks throughout the hospital helps to provide impeccable working conditions.

You are also trying to accept and fulfill the tasks that your staff gives you, since they are an excellent chance for you to increase the happiness of individual employees.

It is also recommended to get rid of employees with negative features and consider only those who have good features, since it will be easier to support them happy.

Passing thickets

Playing Overgrown on Two Point Hospital, you can see two disasters: foggy storms and solar storms. You may also face emergency psychiatric help (psychiatry). There are also several new diseases and ailments at this level: a camel foot, empathy of the extremities, a wavy parrot, a neurological imbalance and a journey.

This is what we consider the best strategy when playing on Two Point Hospital Overgrows.

As already mentioned, to perform star tasks at this level, you must each time own a certain number of sites. To own the plot, you must fulfill its tasks, and this is done by clicking on them and choosing start the test.

We recommend that you try Plot 2 for your first attempt. This will be the simplest that requires you to cure only 10 patients.

Having quickly completed it, you must go to the plot on the right, which plot 5 . It will also be very simple, you only need to install 5 units of air conditioner.

Then you should go to plot 17 . You will also find it to the right of you. Again, this task will require you to cure patients, this time 30 of them.

Next, you should consider the possibility of unlocking section 3, but you will need $ 250,000 to complete it, so while putting it in the background.

Start building additional rooms

Then you must start building diagnostic and treatment rooms. You also have to not forget to build rooms for staff and toilets. The training room is not required, and you can easily get 3 stars without it, but you can build it after completing all other tasks.

Then you must go to your plot 4 . It depends on your value in the hospital, so it will already record the previous progress. Around the same time, you will begin to receive more requests for the construction of additional procedural rooms. You must buy as much as possible to increase the cost of the hospital.

As soon as you meet the patient with Vanderust illness, build a quest room and proceed to complete the task section 19, which requires you to treat the patient in escape from the room .

You will also need to explore the quest room. To do this, it is recommended to return to the previous hospital. Mitton University is the best option for this. Remember that in Escape Room there is a space for building 9 × 5, so start completing the task only when you have a place.

All this will help to stabilize your hospital and allow her to work without loss. Now you should avoid further expansion and focus on staff training, updating equipment and optimizing patients.

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