The best equipment and class Krig 6 in Call of Duty Warzone

Assault Rifles are the most commonly used ranged weapon class in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific. Krig 6 from Black Ops Cold War is a great easy to use AR that players can add to their own class for use in battle royale modes. Here’s a guide to the best Krig 6 attachments and gear in Warzone.

Best Gear Combat Zone Krig 6

* Muzzle : Agent Suppressor
* Barrel : 15 CMV Mil-Spec
* Optical : Axial arms 3x
* Underbarrel : Field Agent Pen
* Magazine : STANAG 60 row

The attachments we used are standard for most long-range guns in the game. You can start by equipping the aforementioned muzzle and barrel, which will increase the weapon’s range, bullet speed, and control. For optics, add Axial Arms 3x for more magnification and greater accuracy.

The Field Agent Grip underbarrel grip further enhances gun control. For the last attachment of this Krig 6 build, use the biggest magazine so you don’t run out of bullets often. Be aware that the attachments used here degrade the weapon’s mobility characteristics, which shouldn’t be a problem as this build is designed for long range combat.

Best Krig 6 Warzone class rig

  • Primary Weapon-Krieg 6
  • Secondary weapon-AK-74u/Marko 5/MP7
  • Deadly-Throwing Knife
  • Tactical-Steam
  • Perk 1-Serpentine
  • Perk 2-Overkill
  • Perk 3-Combat Scout

Stay tuned to our professional game guides to learn more about Call of Duty. In the meantime, check out our article on COD Warzone checking for updates error-how to fix it.

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