Whatsapp brings out a new function – the wish of thousands of users is fulfilled

Whatsapp is launching a new feature designed to provide more privacy in chat. It should be rolled out as soon as possible.

Mountain View-Whatsapp is probably the most popular messenger service in the world and has long since ceased to be just a short message service. Whether audio files, links, videos, photos, in groups or by broadcast-pretty much anything can be sent and exchanged via the app. Since Whatsapp works over the Internet, it also represents an alternative to the classic telephone with telephony options and video calls. However, constant availability also entails a certain level of stress. Anyone who wants to integrate the digital detox into their everyday life can therefore look forward to a new function of the service in the near future, as reported by Merkur.de.

Whatsapp: New function offers users more peace of mind and data protection

The new Whatsapp function, according to wabetainfo-a service that provides information about the latest news about Whatsapp-is the missing link in the chain of settings with which you can hide your own use of the messenger service from other users. While the read display, commonly referred to as the blue tick, as well as the profile picture and status can now be set in such a way that the data is protected from prying eyes, up to now one was powerless against the online display. Anyone who was actively using Whatsapp and was displayed as online could not keep this information secret.

Always online, but just doesn’t write-quite a few have already been exposed to this accusation. However, not only is the display not always correct, but the failure to reply to a message is often simply due to everyday stress. So that users don’t have to worry as much about potential misunderstandings and have more peace of mind in the forced fast pace of life, users have long wished for a way of no longer having to share their online status. This feature is said to be in the works for Whatsapp.

Whatsapp: New feature is coming-users will soon have a choice

In a first announcement you can see that in the online display you will have the choice of sharing the information with everyone or setting it up in the same way as the last online display. With this you have the choice between visibility for everyone, your own contacts, all your own contacts except selected ones and for nobody.

The function is currently still under development, but should be rolled out as soon as possible. Recently there was also a massive Whatsapp disruption. The new privacy setting should be usable for the operating systems iOS, Android and WhatsApp Web. This finally allows the app to be set privately so that it can be used just like traditional SMS, but still offers the advantages of not running over the mobile network and being very powerful.

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