Indie games for middle school students? GIGDC 2022 exhibited works


The global indie game production contest, GIGDC 2022, officially unveiled the participating works from the 8th and started user evaluation. GIGDC 2022 is a competition held to discover creative and original game contents and to support the cultivation of professional development manpower. Until 2014, it was held as a global game production competition.

Any developer who is a middle or high school student or higher with novel planning skills and skills can participate, and the division is divided into production and planning. For entries in the production section, you can check the actual game play video and summary plan, and for works participating in the planning section, you can check the detailed plan instead of the play video. However, only the production department can participate in the general department.

Currently, participating works in both categories are open to the public through the GIGDC website, and you can meet a variety of indie games ranging from high-quality and high-quality college and general works to secondary and high school works with unique and unique ideas. The highest score is given to originality and creativity, and technicality or commerciality, clarity of concept, and completeness of ideas are checked according to each category.

Participating works will be published on the website from July 8 to 22, and user evaluation will be conducted. Winners of each category will be announced on August 19th, after which the work will be refined through a support program. The awards ceremony to wrap up the GIGDC will be held on November 4th. In particular, works that have won prizes in the university and general divisions can also get an opportunity to participate in overseas game events.

Meanwhile, GIGDC winners include SKUL and Metallic Child in the 2019 general division, Wild Butterfly in the university division in 2020, and Unsoul in the general division in 2020. These works are domestic indie games that have continued to the actual release through good reviews. What indie games can catch the attention of users this year? The GIGDC 2022 user evaluation will run until July 22.

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