Bannam has established a new company for high -end games, BANDAI NAM Koeises. To new development including Ace Combat

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and Dolphin announced on July 1 that it has established Bandai Nam Koeeses Co., Ltd. as a new company. The investment ratio is 51 % for BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, 49 % of dolphins. BANDAI NAM Koeises will plan, develop and operate network content and PC content.

According to Press Release, Bandai Nam Cuees has been established to enhance game development capabilities in pursuit of photoral expressions to deliver games that exceed the expectations of fans around the world. Technical skills to produce high-quality content that makes full use of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment’s power and dolphin’s cutting-edge technology. It seems that they will make use of the strengths and know-how of both to create games.

In this announcement, the name of the Ace Combat series is specifically named as a game to be created in the future. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and Dolphin had a great success, including a tag in Ace Combat 7 Skaze Unnown, and recorded 3 million in the series’s highest sales. It has already been announced that the new Ace Combat project is running, and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and Dolphin have been tagging to recruit new people related to new works.

Looking at the director of BANDAI NAM Koeeses, there are many people involved in Ace Combat, such as Kono Kono and Nobuya Sorimachi, in addition to the upper layers of dolphins/Orca (related to dolphins). It is said that the word ACE is the roots of the word Acees. Even if you look at the official website, Ace Combat, including the background sky and representative messages. It seems that there is no doubt that the Ace Combat series will be a related company. Let’s look forward to future reports.
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