Splatoon 2: How to add slots of abilities and extend

In Splaton 2, the slots of equipment can be necessary to create the perfect build for the style of playing playing. However, not every equipment is perfect when the player acquires it, and some setting may be required before he fully realizes his potential. To this end, there are ways to add slots of equipment to equipment, as well as sort out more desirable abilities for specific assembly.

Adding slopes for equipment in Splatoon 2

Equipment Splatoon 2 may contain one slot for the main abilities, as well as 3 slots for secondary abilities. Thus, having 3 items of equipment, the player can have 3 main abilities and 9 secondary abilities. However, equipment items are not necessarily delivered with each slot that they can hold, and the player needs to independently add abilities.

To add these slots of abilities, players will need to get a supermary snail. To get Super Sea Snail, players must either win Splatfest or reach the 30th level in the network game. As soon as the player reaches the 30th level, he can talk to the Jadd Cat in Incopolis Square to get a supermary snail for free.

From here the player can go to the merchant nearby-march is a one-eyed character with prickly hair, which allows the player to take supermary snails to add slots for abilities. Each time the player increases the level after 30, he can return to Jadd to get another supermary snail, which allows you to add more cells for abilities.

Change in abilities

As soon as the player unlocks all possible slots of abilities on his equipment, he may be in an unsuccessful situation when he will be provided with useless or non-optimal abilities. To solve this problem, the player will again need to take his equipment to the march, since the march will allow the players to clear the slots of abilities, getting rid of the current ability to free up space for new ones. This allows players to get a new ability in a freed slot.

How to get fragments of abilities in Splatoon 2


Another remarkable side effect of cleaning the slots of abilities with the help of march is to create fragments of abilities. These fragments allow the players to circumvent the MSC of the second throw, giving them the opportunity to recreate the ability that they deleted, provided that they have enough fragments for this. Thus, if the player erases the ability on one element of equipment only to find that he needs the same ability on another, he can create the ability to use fragments of abilities, and not hope for a successful repeated throw.

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