Extreme mode in Minecraft: tricks and basic advice to survive all the dangers that await you

Minecraft’s extreme or hardcore mode is the definitive experience for any video game fan. In this way, the difficult difficulty is blocked and you do not have the possibility of reliving. That is: if you die, the game is over. Below you tell some tips on their own and others collected by the community.

Tips to survive in the extreme or hardcore mode of Minecraft

The first thing you should know before receiving any other advice is that you should not enter this mode until you have played for many hours in the difficult way. You will be adapted to the style of play (more demanding) and you will know what are the techniques that work to survive.

* Watch your back : The easiest way to die during the first hours is that one or two enemies catch you from behind, especially if it is a Creeper. Use helmets to play and keep your ear fine.

Avoid unnecessary risks *: Will I kill myself if jumping from here? Will something happen if I go out at night for wood and stone without weapons? Can I do without torches? In hardcore or extreme mode it is not to invent and experiment. The safer, the better.
Fire is your best friend *: Do not skimp on torches or even a lava pit to protect your home during the nights. You need your home to be totally safe and you can only get it by making a Christmas tree look like.

* Always carry a bed with you : Sleep to spend the night anywhere is a good way to avoid many unnecessary encounters.

Avoid at all costs the night and the deep caves *: In case the last two points have not made it clear, avoid doing things at night. Also avoid caves if you don’t have the appropriate equipment. Darkness makes more enemies appear and each one is a possibility of dying.
Weapons and armor : After manufacturing the basic tools, you should prioritize armor, sword and shield. You need weapons.
Hunger is another of your enemies : Try to carry the hunger bar always to the maximum so that the recovery of natural life. You can save your life and help you keep resources. Avoid running and jumping unnecessaryly, consume more energy.
Always carry milk in the inventory to alleviate the effects of poisoning.
It carries at least one water cube with you to combat the lava and save yourself from falling damage in extreme cases.
* The best use you can give to gold is to make gold apples to conserve and increase your life. An alternative is the potions of instant healing and regeneration.

Maximize the FPS *, play with helmets and increase the shine of the game to see in the dark.
Fast access bar : The most experienced players usually wear sword, beak, water bucket, torch, earth, fillet, potions and shield in the character’s belt. Try to have your inventory well tidy to find what you need quickly.
The most important advice : Don’t die.

These are some of the most valuable tips to survive in Minecraft extreme or hardcore mode. If you know others, you can leave them in the comments to complete this guide and help other players.

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