Can new players immediately start the Outriders WorldSlayer campaign?

Great changes are waiting for Outriders with the expansion of WorldSlayer. The new campaign begins where the main plot stopped, and the world of Enoch continues to change an unpredictable way. Are you ready to continue the adventure?

Is it possible to pump a character in Outriders?

New and returned players in Outriders will be able to increase new character to level 30, which allows them to immediately start the WorldSlayer campaign. This will allow friends to play together if one of them is a beginner in the series, and the other has already passed the basic campaign. Please note that the use of this amplification does not prohibit playing the main campaign. Players can return and play it after passing the WorldSlayer campaign.

Just pumped characters will be level 30 with a full set of skills of skills that can be used. They will also begin with the first level of ascension and the first level of the apocalypse. To facilitate their journey, a complete set of equipment of the 30th level is available, as well as 100,000 scrap, 10,000 leather and 10,000 iron.

The Outriders campaign was much better than she had the right to be. He was a long, full of memorable characters and was built on an exciting lore, who forced the players to want to know more. Therefore, it is very interesting to see the continuation of this story.


From the side of People Can Fly, this is a reasonable move, which allows you to strengthen the character to keep everyone on one playing field, encouraging long-standing players to exhaust their friends until they give up and start playing WorldSlayer together. Then, as soon as they hook, Altered commands can return and go through this fantastic main campaign.

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