Build a tank with Micra without MOD! A mischievous player summons during the Building Contest

Mysticat, a video contributor, created a operated tank using only in-game elements in Minecraft and released it on his Youtube channel.

Mysticat is a YouTuber that specializes in Minecraft videos that do not use MOD. In April 2022, he created a operable car that made full use of command blocks, and published a mischief video that suddenly used during racing with friends.

In this video, he used a clone command to create a tank that seemed to be moving simulated by repeating the appearance and disappearance. This tank is the same as the car, but the biggest difference is equipped with a cannon function, and the shells use snowballs edited to summon TNT just before landing. In addition, it has been devised to look like a flame effect.

In this mischief, he challenged his friends as a building contest to a friend and summoned the above tanks during the match. It is said that the other party’s work is blasted to a non-victory.

Be sure to check the reaction of friends who have destroyed the work you care about with your own eyes.

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