Maple users collected 300 million won, delivery of deaf groups

Nexon announced on the 27th that it has delivered 300 million won of donations from the online game ‘Maple Story’ to the ‘Sharing Project of Stone’s Spirit’ with the Nexon Foundation to a group of love for the hearing impaired with the Nexon Foundation.

The donation will be used for the hearing impaired children and youth support social contribution campaigns with Nexon, Nexon Foundation and Love. While most of the support for the hearing impaired is concentrated in artificial snail tube surgery, the campaign is a blind spot for deaf support, replacing external devices due to deterioration, failure, etc. It aims to be more comprehensive and long-term support from external devices to improving disability awareness. ‘Maple Story’ held its 15th anniversary of the service in 2018 to support the Pink Bean’s Sharing Project to support artificial snail surgery and language rehabilitation treatment for fifteen hearing impaired children.

This donation will be used to create language rehabilitation parishes using ‘Maple Story’, and to improve the perception of deafness, as well as replacing external devices, after surgery.


The Sharing Project of Stone’s Spirit, which was conducted at Maple Story on May 19, led to the form of participating in sharing when purchasing the hat item ‘Happiness Dame’ as a game goods. Whenever 10,000 hat items were sold, the project received a hot response from users, such as replacing external devices to a hearing impaired child and adolescents.

Nexon Kang Won-ki, director of the development of Maple Story, said, We are very happy to be able to share with the warriors for 7000 days. Thank you for participating in sharing. I will participate in various sharing and try to become a better and mature Maple Story.

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