Globe Mug trip for LGBTQ+ community? Bierhoff: do not know

The discussion was preceded by a record by the television station RTL, which was transmitted under the title Red Card rather than rainbow homosexuals in Qatar and reported on dealing with sex-related minorities in the desertemirate. In the interview, Bierhoff was confronted.

According to Bierhoff, the following honor must just be done to nations in which such things do not happen. In Qatar, for instance, homosexual activities in between guys with lasting prison terms can be sanctioned. In view of the realities, Bierhoff did not desire to make a travel suggestion for members of the LGBTIQ+area: It is difficult. I don’t understand. I don’t know. I believe everyone can just determine on their own whether they consider it a risk, he stated. Bierhoff wishes that there will be a certain bell for a certain time period as part of the event that guarantees security.

How could a FIFA give the award in this country? Asked the 54-year-old in an interview with RTL/NTV. When granting, one has to just slam that in the very first factor it was probably just paid to stadiums or other points, or certainly commerce and also not these facets such as civils rights or other social concerns, included the handling supervisor of the national teams.

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