Assassins Creed Origins: Where you can find timber

Assassin’s Creed Origins: Wood can be located in several ways

Cedar wood is needed in Assassin’s Creed Origins to improve your tools. It particularly adds to the varied parts such as the quiver. If you desire to accumulate cedar wood in a targeted manner, these 2 tips will certainly help you:

  • The most convenient way is to get cedar wood when you dismantle tools and equipment. Cedar wood is specifically available in arcs.
  • Striking transportations (both in the country as a camel cart and on the water) as well as loot packages. You will receive all possible benefits, including materials such as cedar wood.


This ability assists accumulating wood and also other products

In addition to the regular search and also collecting of wood as well as other crafting products, you can likewise merely buy from the weaver as well as blacksmith. Nevertheless, the requirement for this is the product buyer skill, which you can unlock in the Seher Talent tree. Consequently, a particular amount of materials offer for sale are frequently provided to you for all weavers and forging.

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