Pokemon as well as Harry Potter drink hands in this fanart, it appears like the poster of a crossover!

Returning to the field of video games, both Hogwarts Legacy and also Pokémon Scarlet and also Purple have actually boosted the assumptions of the gamers. That is why we have prepared a compilation with everything that appears amazing the Harry Potter game, although we also list 5 lessons that the franchise of pocket monsters must have learned for its brand-new generation.

Yet, the fanart additionally blends both sagas with aspects such as a patronus that uses the shape of the epic xerneas, a Pokéball exchanged the well-known gold snitch, a noctowl that plays owl and also as much as four Different Pokémon to represent your homes of Hogwarts. Naturally, a good array of details that will interest any type of follower of both franchises.


Previously, the Pokémon and also Harry Potter fans had one thing in common: both groups are waiting for the launch of a game. Scarlet and Purple Pokémon will certainly take the pocket beasts to Spain on November 18 , while Hogwarts Legacy promises to move to their wonderful world at the end of the year .

With this scenic view to shut the 2022, a Reddit user wished to commemorate the 2 franchises with a fanart that joins both universes in a drawing that might well function as a poster of a crossover flick . Due to the fact that, as you can see in the magazine of DarthDoodles installed under these lines, Ash Ketchum not just desires come to be the very best Pokémon teacher of all time, but also wishes to control magic alongside Pikachu.

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