MMO TemTem developers talked about the monetization of the game

The developers of the multi-user game TemTem, inspired by the Pokemon series, talked about the monetization system.

Microtransactions, according to the creators, will be associated exclusively with cosmetic objects. As in most modern video games, TemTem will have a military pass, the free version of which will contain about 20 awards, and the premium-about 60. For pumping the missing, it will be necessary to perform weekly tasks, for which the players will receive special currency for experience.


NOVAS, a premium currency, will be spent only on cosmetic objects and buying combat passes. If the player fulfills all the tasks and manages to close the fully paid version of Tamer Pass, then he will have enough currency to buy the next combat pass.

The premium store will be launched after the release, but this does not mean that microtransactions will appear immediately at the start. The developers assure that not a single of their items from the store and passing will give any game advantages.

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