APEX Legends AWAKENING Collection event – exit date, time modes, changes and much more

Respawn Entertainment has published a roadmap of the upcoming Awakening Collection event in Apex Legends. The upcoming update will bring serious changes and a limited event in the game. That’s all you need to know about the new event of Apex Legends.

When will the APEX Legends AWAKENING collection event come out?

The Event Awakening Collection in the APEX Legends comes out June 21 . A new event, which brought a party of fresh content to the game, will last two weeks and end on July 5.

capture of the city of Lifeline on Olympus

Lifeline’s Clinic, a completely new point of interest (POI), will be added to the Olympus card as part of the upcoming update. It will be located in the northeast corner of the map between gardens and growing towers. The Lifeline clinic will have a medical compartment where players will be able to stand and treat themselves.

New Awards for the Apex Legends Awakening Collective Event

Like any other event limited in time, the event The Collection of Awakening brings with it many unlocked cosmetic awards. The event presents 24 thematic collection items that can be obtained by opening the APEX APEX packages Awakening. There will also be a tracker of awards with cosmetic objects that can be unlocked for free, performing intra-game tasks. During the event, the Special offers tab of the store will offer discounts on various products.

Heritage of Valkyrie

After the crypto, the next character in the APEX Legends, which will receive a family relic, will be a Valkyrie. The new family relic, which can be unlocked with the help of ultraced fragments of the family relic or collecting all 24 thematic objects of a limited event, will become a valuable acquisition for players. Suzaku spear is the heritage of the mother of Valkyrie.

Control LTM returns for the collection event Awakening.

The event will present an updated version of the Control game mode, in which World’s Edge will join the rotation with Olympus and Storm Point. Some important changes in the mode include adding new destroyed advertising drones, improving the selection of players, etc.

In addition to the changes mentioned here, updating the rating regime, improve the quality of life, correction of balancing and correcting errors will also be presented. You can see the APEX Legends Season 13-AWAKENING COLLECTION EVENT trailer.

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