Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted Week 4 Seasonal tests

The weekly discharge of Destiny 2 has just taken place, which means that the 4th week of seasonal tests has officially began! The implementation of these tests rewards the guards with the experience of the seasonal subscription, bright dust and not only. So, we have many reasons to perform these tasks, let’s look at a brief presentation for a week.

What is a ghost season of 4?

Related Sright IV

  • Bound in sorrow IV completed
  • 50 centurions of bondage are defeated

frying shame

  • Complete Sever-Shame using only a sunny subclass and sunny, kinetic or stasis weapons.

Modov collector

  • Unlock 12 modifications of artifacts.

  • Defeat the powerful fighters in the gambit. Earn bonus progress for victory over important goals.


the darkest twilight

  • Complete 3 gloomy raids at the hero level or higher.

crematorium Fist

  • On the abandoned Leviathan defeat the fighters with the help of close combat abilities. The solar abilities of near-fight or nightmares, defeated by the abilities of near-combat, give additional progress.

Form of Nightmares I

  • Remove the weapons of weapons with ghosts with the DeepSight mod.

Calibration of accuracy

  • Calibrate small arms-a scout rifles, sniper rifles and linear thermonuclear rifles-striking accurate final blows. Bonus progress against the guards.

Prosperity of Power

  • Defeat the guards in the playlist MayHem using superpowers.

To learn more about Destiny 2, read the section How to get and complete all catalysts of exotic energy weapons in Destiny 2 in the game guides for professionals.

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