Martin Hinteregger leaves a leisure activity

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The protector discontinued a failure. I have to confess the mistake that I have not researched that he is, what background he has. Yet that does it? Business connection with Heinrich Sickl (FPÖ).

The event will occur in Sirnitz from June 16 to 19. Hinteregger stressed that it was absolute nonsense to place it in the right corner, yet admitted after the negative headlines: It will leave a little scrape on my job.

Martin Hinteregger from Bundesliga club Frankfurt, in spite of the vertebrae for his company relationship to a right-wing extremist local politician, lets the Hinti-Cup pastime competition take place in his homeland Carinthia. The Austrian international stated on Friday inORF _.

I have to admit the error that I have not investigated that he is, what background he has. Company relationship with Heinrich Sickl (FPÖ).


As well as better: The Mr. Sickl was not in Carinthia for thirty years. For a lot of my generation (…) he is never an idea. If you heard the story in retrospect, it is extremely shocking.

And also better: The Mr. Sickl was not in Carinthia for 30 years.

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