Human Carind, console version release and new DLC launch

The Amplit Studio said that its turn-based history strategy game ‘Human Carind’ will be released soon on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 platforms. In addition, pre-orders are available from the 10th.


In addition, the second DLC of ‘Human Carind’ was released as a PC, allowing you to enjoy the rich history of Latin America in six cultures. In addition, ‘Bolivar Patch’ free updates are applied.

The console transplantation of ‘Human Carind’ was held at the ASPYR Studio. We are a passionate fan of ‘Human Calm’, a business development senior director of ASPYR Studio, We are happy to be able to provide games to the new Flets in collaboration with Sega and Amplit Studio.

The console version of ‘Human Carind’ can be ordered in advance from the PS store and is scheduled to be released on November 4th.

In addition, a new DLC ‘Latin America’s Culture’ has been released. The DLC includes six new cultures including Karal, Nasuka, Taino, Inca, Argentina, and Cuba. You can also find six new wonders, including the desert. In addition, there are 9 new independent forces, 15 narratives, and more than 30 new game theme music tracks.

The new DLC ‘Latin America’s Culture’ can be purchased at the Steam and Epic Games Store.

Bolivar Patch is a large-scale update with a variety of features and game changes that have received numerous requests from the community. Various changes were applied, such as reorganization of the surrender system, the change of war support, the preview of infrastructure, preview of the infrastructure, and the effects of unique wonders.

More information about ‘Human Carind’ can be found on the Steam page.

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