How to find an ancient city in minecraft 1.19

Finding an ancient city in the depths of the world in Minecraft is very simple, although for this you need to look a little in a deep dark bioma. You also have the opportunity to use Locate cheat command to find it even faster.

where to find an ancient city in minecraft 1.19

To find the ancient city in Minecraft, you need to go to a deep dark bioma, as this is the only biom in which the ancient city will appear. To get to this area, you need to be below the zero level. As soon as you see sparkling lights, you will understand that you are moving in the right direction. While you are in a deep dark bioma, it is relatively easy to detect, since this is the only artificial structure that exists in this kingdom.

How to use a cheat to find minecraft 1.19 Ancient city

If you find that it is too difficult to manually find an ancient city in a deep dark bioma, you can always use a quick cheat to find a place. Just use the command /Locate to get the location of the city. In particular, you need to click T, and then enter / Find the structure minecraft: ancient_city if you have a version of Java and / Find an ancient city If you have a Bedrock version.

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