What is the Calisto protocol? Exit date, trailer and much more!

The Calisto Protocol is the upcoming game in the Survival Horror genre with a third-person view developed by Strikeing Distance Studios founded by Glenom Chofield. Glen Chofield was previously the co-author of Dead Space games, and the same topics are present in The Calisto Protocol. That’s all we know at the moment.

everything we know about the Calisto Protocol

What is the release date of The Calisto Protocol?

Calisto Protocol will be released on a PC and consoles on December 2, 2022. This was officially announced in Sony. June 2022. The state of the game is a direct broadcast.

What is the gaming process of the Callisto protocol?

In the Callisto Protocol, the action of which takes place in 2320, you play Jacob Lee, enclosed in a colony for prisoners known as black iron, which is located on the moon of Jupiter, called Callisto. Initially, the action of the game took place in the PUBG universe, but Glen Chofield recently accepted Twitter to advise the game now installed in his own universe.

It seems that the gameplay was greatly influenced by the previous work of Glen Chofild, Dead Space. The trailer shows glimpses of research over the shoulder in a dimly lit environment, when you are haunted by all kinds of mutated human or inhuman creatures. It seems that you can fight off these creatures with the help of weapons and shock batons, as shown in the trailer.

trailer for the Calisto Protocol

The Calisto Protocol demonstration trailer was shown live Sony State of Play on June 2, 2022. You can see it on the official PlayStation channel on YouTube.

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