What is the difference between Pokemon Scarlet and Weylet?

This will never be the main game of Pokemon if she does not have at least two versions with some differences-and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are no different. From the Pokemon you can catch, to the people you can meet, that’s all you need to know about the differences between the Scarlet and Violet Pokemon.

explained differences in versions Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Unlike previous generations, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet seems to have more differences than others. To date, this includes the following:

Legendary Pokemon

Pokémon Scarlet will receive the ancient Pokemon Koraidon, and Pokémon Violet players will be able to get the future Pokemon Miraidon.

Regional professors

Pokémon Scarlet players will be directed by professor of the garden, and players will meet with Professor Turo in Pokémon Violet.


A uniform

Since players will work for another professor, they will work for different institutions. Although there is not much information about this yet, we are shown that crests look in the June trailer. Pokémon Scarlet players will belong to the one who has an orange, and Pokémon Violet players will belong to the one who has grapes. Your initial form will also be different.

different Pokemon

Although the official list has not been published at the moment, the main games about Pokemon are sadly known that many Pokemon remain exclusive to encourage trade. It can be regional Pokemon, such as Paumi, Smolly and Lychonk. We will provide a list when official information about this will appear!

In addition, many things in both games will remain the same, such as the plot, the places that you can visit, the rivals with whom you compete, and the Pokemon with whom you start. Even a new function of a joint game for four players is available!

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