LOL: PAM PAM PAM is the sound that rumbles with New Pampas victories in the Master Flow League

The action continued yesterday in the Master Flow League with teams that seek to redeem and make the undefeated of New Pampas, the table gradually gets hotter due to the performance that the squads show every day, using more aggressive compositions and Without fear of the damage of the towers, the submerges under Torre are part of the strategies they show during the meetings, we also see that Wukong has become priority in the metajuego for the jungle.

The first game put WAP eSports against Leviathan where Nothing would be the protagonist of the meeting taking an Ezreal in the lower lane that would end up hitting too much in the team fights, playing for the lower lane the Levianeta got the early objectives and a soul of the oceans that gave him a great advantage where the sea dragon would take one more point to the bag.

In the second meeting Malvinas Gaming would be measured against Maycam Evolve where the bears team would start with a lot assert all that gold that accumulated in objects that allowed them to win team fights to get the point in their favor.

For the third game the New Pampas team would be measured against Boca Juniors Gaming with a wukong in the hands of Follow that would take the initiative, getting a quite useful golden advantage of gold, the pampas team would play the fights by team In a good way, thus getting the Boquita team behind to obtain an important victory for your team.

A fourth 9Z encounter against Krü Esports put Vex in the hands of regi to achieve enough damage to the sad magic, ** The purple team managed to take advantage in the game that the Pink squad could not answer, thus putting a triumph in favor of 9Z.

POPULAR TIKTOK SOUNDS: your name is pam. p. a. m. pam i am.

The fifth game showed Ebro Gaming facing Stone Gaming making it clear that the stones could be destroyed by the fangs of the lions, managing to show the power of Agustín17 C on a Taliyah that put the strongest stones in the crack, A duel that little by little took his team forward, the Leones team managed to put things in their favor to achieve a triumph.

To close Undead Gaming fought against River Plate, making it clear that Strange is a game teacher with Sylas achieving early murders that gave him a good advantage along with objects that exploded the rivals, the advantage was for the no for the no Dead that little by little the fights were looking for to get the victory that would put them above their rivals in the table.

The fifth day of the league with the most flow of the region ends, a New Pampas team that continues to dominate its rivals in search of the perfect split, with the performance it has demonstrated it is possible that this achievement can achieve that few teams in the region They have done, there are still enough dates so that some squad can get off the undefeated team.

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