V Rising Reviews – Is It Worth Your Money and Time?

Stunlock Studios is taking great care of a work still in Early Access but has already gathered more than a million players. And it will continue to grow because it is addictive like few others.

Although it is a very well-known and hackneyed phrase in recent years, leaving the comfort zone is a maxim that does not always but sometimes comes in handy. You can extrapolate it to any facet of your life, of course. But here, we get paid to talk about video games, and I’m here to speak to you.

Vampire chronicles
Because we all have our favorite genres and those that have never particularly caught our attention, it has happened to me a bit with survival games and, in general, with any title that requires almost daily attention. Back in the day last year, I resisted Vallheim’s charms even though it sold millions of copies in just a few weeks. Now, by popular demand and almost not to be left out of the conversations of the sector, I have gotten fully involved with V Rising, and I do not regret a thing.

Keep in mind that, being relatively new to this type of game, almost everything I saw was surprising and exciting to me. It is a different point of view to those of you who already have broad shoulders in this type of proposal. It’s not that I think I’ve seen anything that will revolutionize the industry. Still, I did like how the game teaches you everything it has to offer in a lengthy and dense tutorial until it reaches the point where it lets your friends loose. It is comprehensive to explore due to its enormous mapping and always bearing in mind that the sun is one of our greatest enemies.

I also believe that Stunlock Studios has succeeded in many aspects of a work that, let’s remember, has just entered Early Access, so it still has a long way to go before its final version. The vampire theme is somewhat worn out, but being able to build our castle is a fantastic idea to add to the video game concept, even if the ludo-narrative dissonance that we like so much is loaded.

Much to grow… and it will
We already know that construction seems to be the key to successful video games in recent years: there are Minecraft and Fortnite itself. Here it is justified as necessary for developers to build tools that help us be more powerful. Because something key in V Rising is that the level does not increase simply by killing enemies, but here our prestige number grows by doing the various tasks entrusted to us, so there is no farming. Thus, we will not limit ourselves to always doing the same thing. However, it is also true that the studio has a more significant task if it maintains this premise in the long term, always giving the players objectives to achieve.

All games also win with their cooperative possibilities, and V Rising is no less. We planned to play for a while, but in the end, we got hooked for half an afternoon, felling trees and breaking rocks to fortify our castle and have more creative elements that helped us go more potent to the different bosses scattered around the screen. Not without difficulties, especially with the ice archer, we survived a fight in which tactics prevailed over skill. And these final bosses also have vital resources to continue, so the game urges us to go for them if we want to progress.

Everything is measured to perfection, and it seems that this vampire game is here to stay. If you like this type of proposal, he contributes his own and still has a lot to say since he takes his first steps. If you have never dared to play a survival game on this court like me, I recommend you sink your fangs into it. Of course, if you don’t get out of there, don’t blame me. There are already more than a million active players, and they will grow a lot during the next few weeks.

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