Opening in honor of the start of the ZBT Honkai: Star Rail

Mihoyo has released a video of its new step-by-step strategic role-playing game Honkai: Star Rail, the start of a closed beta test of which took place today. Actually, in honor of this event, the video is published. Do not forget to turn on Russian subtitles.

Cinemática de Honkai: Star Rail: «Una obra breve» | Honkai: Star Rail
Honkai: Star Rail is a mobile tactical role-playing game, the actions of which unfold in the Universe of the Honkai Impact series. The protagonist goes on board the Astral Express, along with a group of passengers who claim to inherit the spirit of the “trackers” walking in the footsteps of the “anes” in order to explore the expanses of the universe. The expedition develops as the main character and the team are looking for final answers to questions about the purpose of the trip and reveal the secrets buried in legends.

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