How To Farm V Rising Leather Quickly Thanks To The Putrid Rat?

Our game in V Rising progresses, and we begin to understand better the ins and outs of the castle’s many production and refining workshops. Tell your clan that you’ll have to go fishing to get hold of the famous leather pieces!

Leather farm
Whether it’s getting Vampiric Rat form from the Putrid Rat, beneficial for setting up ambushes in PvP, or farming essential components, the Vermin Nest is a crucial little workshop in your castle.

If you do this early enough, you’ll have enough to craft the Merciless Nightstalker armor set, which is more convenient for advancing in the northernmost areas of the map. And expect to hit the iron ores with the level 12 blue weapon. To pick up the pace, keep looking for Putrid rats. Every time you get 80 animal skins, they will corresponding to 4 pieces of leather.

Putrid Rat Recipe
Once the vermin nest has been installed in your castle, all you have to do is insert herbs and fish bones into it, to collect from all the fish crushed by the Devourer, a workshop whose recipe can be found in boss Chaos Archer.

As for the fiber, you will get a lot of it during your games, and it is not a problem. Be careful not to go AFK when the Putrid rats are summoned, as you may be in for a nasty surprise when you return. Rats don’t seem to come out of the alchemy room you build.

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