V Riding the best basic locations

In the survival game, such as V Rising, the choice of place for building the base is one of the most important decisions that you make during the game. To help you with this difficult solution, we have prepared for you this leadership in which we will talk about the best locations of the base in V Riding.

v Rising The best basic locations

V Rising - How To Pick The Best Base Location For You!

For players who are poorly familiar with the genre of survival games, to spend a lot of time and effort to choose the best place for their base may seem like a trivial task, but experienced players know how important this is actually.

Whatever place you choose for your base in V Rising, it will have a significant impact on the trajectory of your passage. Each area has its own types of resources, mobs, NPCs and affordable dungeons.

So, let’s say, you settled in the area where some resources that you need to use often use, such as skin, sharpener and sulfur, you will ultimately spend a lot of time studying only to find these resources.

Therefore, you need to spend some time searching for the best place for your base. To help you with this, this leadership covers the best basic locations in V Rising.

When choosing the best place for your base, it is necessary to take into account several important factors.

The first factor is the safety proposed by the place. The place should be in a place where you will not constantly bother you and players.

The second factor is the resources available in this area. It is not necessary that all types of resources be easily accessible, but it will be very useful for you if common resources are present in this area in abundance.

Finally, the third factor is the dungeons available in this area. The production of dungeons is a very important aspect of the game, as this is one of the best ways to extract resources. Thus, the construction of your base in the area where you have quick access to dungeons can help you greatly during the passage.

It is important to remember that you cannot just build your base anywhere on the map. To find out in which area you can build a base, open the map and look at this place. If this is the construction area, you will see a small ramp in this place on the map.

The best basic locations in V Rising are noted in the image of the card below.

basic points No. 1–4 are located in farbein Woods , which is the starting area of V Rising. These places are intended for new players who want to quickly get comfortable, but they are far from the best basic places in the game.

Since these places are in the starting area, you will not have many resources, mobs, dungeons and NPCs next to your base, so it is better to build your base in another region.

The basic points No. 5–9 are located in Danly agricultural mate , which is perhaps the best place to build a base in V Ringing. This is the central area of the game world, so it is easy to get to any other location from here. It also has all types of mobs, dungeons and available resources.

basic points No. 11-14 are located in Silverlite hills . This region is the only area in the game where you can find silver, which is a very important resource for craft at the end of the game.

Please note that these basic points are not suitable for new players, like silver hills, since all kinds of powerful and dangerous enemies are hidden here. And since this region is in the corner of the map, you will be cut off from the region in the opposite corner.

basic points No. 15-17 are located in damned forest . If you decide to build your base in these places, there will always be iron next to you. But it is quite difficult to build your base here, since a lot of deadly mobs roam around, so these basic places are suitable for players of the late game.

Farbein Woods

Since this is a place where you begin your passage of V Rising, this is far from the perfect place for the construction of your base.

When it comes to the pluses in this area, the only plus is that you will be familiar with her since you start here. And you will also be in complete safety, as it is intended for beginners.

But this is all regarding positive points. As for the minuses of the district, the largest is the fact that it is located far from all the best places for the resource farm.

This means that if you build your base here, you will need to constantly go out for reconnaissance in search of resources, which will take a lot of time from you.

Dunley Farmlands

Dunley Farmlands is located in the center of the card. If you decide to settle here, you will get many advantages.

Danley farm abounds with many resources, including iron, cotton and quartz. There is also a ghostly iron shaft where you can mine iron.

In this area there is also a Danly monastery, which you can search to get glass, quartz scrolls and mourning lily.

The biggest advantage of building your base on Danly farms is the fact that you will be in the center of the card, so you will have easy access to any other place.

Another wonderful feature of Dunley Farmlands is that it is intended mainly for beginner players, so you will not have to fight for your life if you decide to settle here. This makes Dunley Farmlands the best place to build a base in V Rising.

The only drawback of the construction of the base on Danly farms is that you will become a light target for other players, as this is a very common place where people build their bases. This means that you will have to take additional measures to strengthen your base.

Silverlite Hills

The hill of silver light is located in the far western part of the map and is an extremely important area in the world of V Ringing.

The reason for this is that silver, an important resource of the late game, can only can be found in Silverlal-Hills. Thus, this is the biggest advantage of creating your base in this area, since you will have everything you need silver right next to you.

Another wonderful feature of Silverlight Hills is the NPC present there. In this area there are the best trolls, servants and slaves in the game, and you can use them to constant protection of your base.

When it comes to the disadvantages of building your base at Silverlight Hills, the largest of them is that this area is intended for research at the end of the game. This means that it will be very difficult for you to survive and explore here at the beginning of your passage.

Another drawback is due to the fact that the silver hills are completely separated from the damned forest, which is another important area that you need to explore.

Cursed forest

The damned forest is located on the north-eastern edge of the map. Despite the unsuccessful location, there are many advantages for the construction of the base.

The strongest side of the damned forest is the extreme abundance of iron ore deposits. If you build your base here, you will always have access to the iron.

The next great advantage is the animal world of forest. You will find all kinds of animals in the damned forest, so it serves as an ideal place to hunt. You can not only farm a lot of iron, if you decide to settle here, you can also get a lot of rugs.

When it comes to a lack of construction of a base in a damned forest, the largest drawback is the location of the forest. You are on the edge of the map, so you will be far from all other areas.

And in addition to everything, you will be completely cut off from Silverlight Hills, which is an important area for study later in the game.

Another disadvantage of this area is that you will have to fight with all types of evil mobs to survive here, so you need to be strong enough to destroy them before you can settle here. This makes Cursed Forest a focused on late players, like Silverlight Hills.

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