Norman Reedus confirms Death Stranding 2 as well as if nothing, in the middle of an interview

While half the world is aware of what MbappĂ© with its future, that if the PSG that if Real Madrid suddenly appears news that nobody is expected. And that involve one of the most beloved video games, as is the case of Hideo Kojima . We do not know how Metal Gear’s father will be content after the actor Norman Reedus has confirmed in an interview, practically unintentionally, that Death Stranding 2 is already in development.

Death Stranding 2 CONFIRMED?! - Norman Reedus Interview Reveals PS5 Sequel Is In Production!

In an interview granted to the Leo portal, where he reviews his entire career and his future plans, after reviewing the novelties about The Walking Dead, he is asked about his participation in the Death Stranding video game. His response, practically without coming to the story, and very briefly, says, directly, that “we just started the second” . We leave you a screenshot of the extract below.

What will happen to Hideo Kojima by the head…

As you can see, he releases him without anyone asking him about a presumable sequel, something that has been rumored for months. They simply questioned him about the recording of the first installment, and he responds, without coming to the story, that they are already working on “the second”, evidencing that it is a sequel to Death Stranding.

We do not know What will seem to Hideo Kojima these statements , but we already know that the Japanese creative is very his when creating mystery and hype with respect to his new projects. He is sometimes pedantic for it. Now, a secret that has probably been keeping time has uncovered in an interview that was not even a medium of video games.

In the rest of the interview, Reedus talks about how was the process to get to work with Hideo Kojima , whom he did not know. He says that he first received a call from Guillermo del Toro, who warned him that the Japanese creative would call him and, without specifying why, the Mexican filmmaker told the actor: “Don’t be idiot, simply say yes “. Thus, he joined the project that was initially Silent Hill, which ended up canceling for what we all know about what happened between Konami and Kojima. Afterwards, none wanted to stay with the desire and thus Death Stranding was born.

Like almost all Kojima’s work, Death Stranding is a very particular game. Of those in which there is no medium and, or love, or hate it irremediably. We will see what direction this sequel takes, both at the structural and gameplay level, as a narrative, since its end seemed to close all the ties. It will be interesting to know what they bring in hand.

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