As reported, Tiktok is testing games in the application

Tiktok is supposedly the last giant of social networks that seeks to boost games according to recent reports. To achieve this goal, the owner of Tiktok, Bytedance, has supposedly tested the inclusion of playable games within the application, although these tests so far are only restricted to a region. Neither Tiktok nor their owner have made formal ads about any plan of this type to film in the game of the games.

Testing WEIRD TikTok Apps.. (LOL WTF)

The report on the alleged ambitions of Tiktok comes from Reuters that said this week that the social networks platform has been testing games in the application in Vietnam. In the report, four different sources were cited that they were familiar with the matter and Reuters framed this as a “great impulse towards the games” for Tiktok.

While it already started in Vietnam through these tests and there are currently some “games” in the United States such as Zynga.Crazy Disco 3D_ said Reuters, there are plans to wear games through Tiktok more widely to Southeast Asia, specifically.

When Reuters contacted them to comment, Tiktok confirmed that, in fact, he had tried games in some way in the application. A representative confirmed that the HTML5 games had been tested along with the work done with external creators such as Zynga, although no details about the tests in Vietnam or more plans were shared. They are expected to begin as mini -games with more ambitious plans beyond that. As expected, it is reported that there will be ads incorporated in whatever they end up being these games integrated into the application.

Tiktok is far from being the only social networks platform that has looked for ways to incorporate games into its products. Facebook has already integrated the games through transmission and games in the application, and not long ago, Snapchat made a similar effort. The most recent example of this is Netflix, which already had several games licensed by its brands, such as the adaptations of Stranger Things, which have now found new homes within Netflix. He has been working on the acquisition of complete studies to continue working in the games and, according to some recent advances, it seems that we will soon see Netflix games revelations.

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